The Legacy Fund


The Legacy Fund, created and owned by JUMC, is an endowment account separate and apart from the annual operating funds, the building fund or any other financial resources that the church has.  Contributions made to The Legacy Fund today and in the years to come will be used to meet special needs that the church may have.  It is a timeless way by which we can participate in sustaining and nurturing JUMC.


Stained Glass Window Restoration Project

Tin Can Offerings


Each month our children collect coins from our adults to supplement our Food Pantry.  The children love the crashing noise of change!  Help us make a change for our neighbors!


Gifts and Talents

The Bible tells us that we are all born with distinct talents and gifts that set us apart from each other.  When you discover the talents that God has given you and you use them to glorify Him, you will experience a full life!  Our loving Lord wants us to feel whole and complete, and it is through talents that we can find our unique calling in life!


Gifts can be large or small and given at any time.  Gifts to The Legacy Fund provide a special way to remember, recognize and celebrate our loved ones.  Your gifts will be acknowledged in the church newsletter.


In addition to special remembrances or other gifts, you can also make a planned gift to The Legacy Fund by including it in your estate plans. 

Our church has been the gathering place for countless people who need a place to worship, study, serve and gather.


The names you see on the beautiful church windows may not be familiar to you but they are former members whose vision and efforts built this church.  Help us to keep these beautiful historic windows with your prayers and donations.